Color mixture – Plastic formula preparation

In the age of integration of 21st century, the Companies/Enterprises not only produced with the motto: “sales as goods is available”, the demand of the society today is increasingly higher that forced them to change thoughts in business to produce value-added products for their customers. 

The higher requirement is, the higher product value is. In order to meet the demands of market and stabilize the quality of products, manufacturers must invest not only in modern production lines, but also in the system of research, quality control equipment and standard laboratory to meet the needs based on requirements of customers in a formal and sustainable way.

Thus, in order to catch up with increasingly developing science and technology, the manufacturers should invest in advanced technology equipment and, importantly invest in human resources to master technology, learn and improve knowledge to serve the work and know how to apply knowledge into practice such as usage and development of world leading technologies for production in Vietnam.

The machine, equipment that meets the essential needs for experiment, quality test, trial running for the PVC plastic industry are: rolling machine, color rolling machine, hardness tester, tensile tester, expansion measuring machine, proportion weight machine, presss machine, extrusion machine, sample mixer, colorimeter, color comparator…

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