PVC plastic bead

Among types of plastic, PVC plastic bead is a type that can be adjust customization, features as well as use as required by manufacturer and made into the most number of kinds

The kinds that PVC can satisfy are:

  • According to hardness: When talking about hardness, softness need to be mentioned, so a machine of hardness and softness measuring is necessary and how much is hardness?, So A or So D?.

PVC resin

  • According to softness, ductility: When talking about ductility, it must be measured by tensile strength (how much is force necessary to break?). Or expansion (How much is length expanded compared to original ones to cause break)?­
  • According to proportion: How much is dead load? (When dropped into the water, does it float or sink?)is shown by specific figures.

  • According to hazard or non-hazard? Whether it is used for machines or foods, medical equipment or construction (Eg: Blood transfusion line, toys, food cover, water pipe, plastic fence …)
  • According to color: opalescent, transparent, UV-rays resisitance or at home (resist sunshine)

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